February 24, 2009

Simple English Wikipedia

Thanks to xkcd, I now know about something called Simple English Wikipedia.

A demonstration:

Wikipedia's opening paragraph on snipers:
A sniper is usually a highly trained marksman that shoots targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the capabilities of regular personnel. Snipers typically have specialized training and distinct high-precision rifles. In addition to marksmanship, military snipers are also trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, reconnaissance and observation techniques.[1]
Simple English Wikipedia's opening paragraph on snipers:
A sniper is a person who has been given special training with sniper rifles. Snipers are able to shoot at targets which are very far away, or are very small, and hit them accurately when looking through a sniper scope. They are also especially trained to be stealthy. Snipers are hard for the enemy to see when they are hidden or using camouflage.
From a technical writing perspective, I find the SE Wikipedia fascinating.

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