February 8, 2009

My Thought Process Last Night at The Vandals Show

(... aside from loving the music, of course)

- It's really difficult to take good pictures at this show.

- This might be because I'm standing so far back from the stage.

- I would love to get closer to take better pictures.

- There's a giant mosh pit occurring a few feet in front of me.

- I'm wearing glasses.

- It'd be really difficult to take pictures in the middle of the mosh pit.

- I fear physical violence.

- Hey! I should buy a zoom lens.

- Low-light zoom lenses are expensive.

- DAMMIT. I really miss my DSC-H50 with its 15x zoom.

(Followed immediately by putting my camera away and enjoying the remainder of my evening)

1 comment:

Spirit FF said...

hihi, this blog is cute! I like how you write this one. and yep, for that reason, i still keep my H50;)