February 26, 2009


I've spent the past week or so around family -- which gave me a good excuse to take lots of pictures :-)

Bob & Jonathan

Uncle Bob and his son Jonathan

Brent & Jonathan

Jonathan and his brother Brent

Rebecca, Karen, Janis, Eytan

Rebecca, her mom Karen, my aunt Janis, and her son Eytan

Akiva and Monica

My first cousin once removed Akiva and my aunt Monica

Akiva, Shani, and Janis

Akiva, his mom Shani, and her mom Janis


My parents ;-)

Dad in High Dynamic Range

I made my dad stand still for a triple-exposure shot so I could transform it into HDR later ... and it worked out quite well, if I say so myself.

More Chicken, Please!

Back in Austin and eating chicken at Mike's house


Howard and his new grandson, Isaac


Barbara and Isaac

Isaac, Mike, Howard, and Barbara

The whole family!!


Isaac giving someone a rasberry

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Spirit FF said...

You have a very beautiful family there! All the people looks nice and kids all look pretty and smart!