February 17, 2009

Blogging from Home and the Reappearance of Stuff

Got the Internet (wireless included) all set up at my new house. Woohoo!! I also emptied out my storage unit with help from a couple of friends. So with all that commotion over with, I'm breathing a little easier. This place feels more like a home.

I started unpacking a bit, putting things here and there, and it's just funny. Old clothes I haven't seen in a year. Dishes, glasses, and flatware I haven't washed in a year. A bed I haven't slept in in a year. A sofa I haven't sat on in a year. Books I haven't read in a year. Photos I haven't looked at in a year. Music I haven't listened to in a year. Movies I haven't watched in a year. Shelves I haven't set up in a year. But none of it seems alien or foreign. It's just like, "Oh yeah, I remember that. I forgot it ever existed." But now it's back. And it feels comfortable and familiar, which means it feels strange.

What I mean is, I thought I'd feel stranger about seeing all this old stuff. But nope. It feels like I just blinked and it reappeared in my life. I have to force myself to remember why it reappeared -- because it was put away, because I lived in China for a year. For some reason that doesn't make sense to me :-) Luckily I have this blog to prove that it happened ;-)

With respect to clothes though, I don't know what I'm going to do! I have been existing with what I currently have for a year ... but now all of a sudden, an extra massive duffel bag of old stuff has reappeared. I doubt that I really need everything in there. And a lot of it I can see is a holdover from when I was losing weight. So it might be time for some more trips to Goodwill! There's other stuff I might not want, like this futon. I might get on Craigslist and see if I can swap it for a TV stand, haha.

Now I can't wait to begin unpacking my China stuff, and doing things like framing my posters, printing out my best photographs and framing those, etc.

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