November 8, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest, Day 1

These are some pics from Day 1 ... it rained today (Day 2) so I didn't bring my camera out.

Pink Eyes from Fucked Up

The Sword



Divorce & Baseball

If you and your wife own a baseball team worth $421 million, and you get a divorce .... just exactly how do you split up that asset? As Frank and Jamie McCourt, owners of the LA Dodgers, are finding out, it depends on how you raised the money to buy the team in the first place:
Even among the cadre of super-wealthy folks, it's just not that easy to drum up $421 million in cash. The McCourts didn't simply hand News Corp. a check drawn on the family's WaMu account. The process behind financing this purchase is especially interesting in the McCourt case, and is particularly relevant for the upcoming battle for the Dodgers.