February 3, 2009

Austinist and 50mm and a Trip to the Dentist

Yay, Austinist posted a tip I sent them today!

In other non-related news, I bought the Canon 50mm 1.8 II -- aka the "Plastic Fantastic" (that sounds like a Harry Potter title, doesn't it? Harry Potter and the Plastic Fantastic) and/or the "Nifty Fifty" (also sounds like a HP book title, but less so) because it delivers great quality at low light for just about $100. It's also, err, plastic, and the focal length is fixed (prime) at 50mm. Hence the nicknames.

I bought it because I'm going to a show this weekend and would like to take pictures at it without the flash if possible ... we'll see how it ends up! I tested it out around South Lamar tonight. The autofocus does not inspire confidence, but I'm not afraid of rocking out with some manual focus. Also the 50mm focal length means I won't need to get crazy close to the stage (I hope) in order to get some good shots.

We shall see! *tents fingers and cackles like a supervillain*

ALSO: I had a dental checkup/cleaning today and, whaddaya know, NO CAVITIES. Boom. Not even after one whole year of no dentist visits. I have awesome teeth, I suppose.

I must have told a lot of people about going to China, because my dental hygienist remembered me, and so have the women from the Great Clips I usually go to. I feel bad I don't necessarily remember these people, but shit, I was so excited at the time that it's understandable :-)

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