January 18, 2009

Quick O's Update

Smart moves by the O's this weekend. I was at a house party Saturday night and happened to catch a scrolling ticker on ESPN that said we signed Markakis to a 6-year deal. (Upon looking more today, the deal isn't official yet.) And I saw today we got Felix Pie (I'm pretty sure his name is pronounced Pee-Yay), a player who was overshadowed in Chicago but will have a chance to shine in a great outfield that also includes Markakis and Adam Jones. And we only had to give up one of our crappy interchangeable pitchers. (The O's have a surplus of them.) Young outfielders are more of a sure thing than young pitchers are. This also means that our entire outfield is 25 years old or younger, which makes me feel a bit old ;-)

Andy MacPhail is doing a great job so far. I'm so happy we traded Bedard and Tejada and didn't sign Teixeira. Now we just need Peter Angelos to sell the team to Cal Ripken Jr. and we'll be all set!

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