January 15, 2009

The Dawn of an Era


Yup, I done did it! Went out and bought myself an EOS Rebel 450D XSi with kit lens. I also got a really nice polarizing filter so I can take those sunny-day shots Austin is known for. And of course I bought locally.

I can't wait to get out there this weekend and start experimenting! I'm sure my flickr stream will be full of test shots soon.

I also bought a car (that I talked about before) and a TV. It is really strange spending money again, haha. I also found myself a place to live. Unfortunately I can't move in there for another 4 weeks. It's okay -- it's worth the wait!!

There's not much else going on -- well, that's a lie. My social calendar is filling up rapidly. It feels really good and comfortable to be back home among friends and be able to do stuff again. Not that I couldn't do stuff in Shanghai -- far from it -- it's just that, well, um ... I like it here :-)

Good to be back.

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