January 8, 2009

Chinese in America

Some friends wanted to take me out for Chinese food, and who am I to turn them down? I was pretty interested in seeing what that was like, now that I can sort of read the menus and talk to the waiters in Chinese. So we went to Din Ho Chinese BBQ, one of the more "authentic" Chinese places in Austin. The food was still very different, and differently prepared, but it was good. Plus I was able to get beef & tomatoes over white rice with no problem. That's a pretty popular staple dish in China, plus I knew how to order it in Chinese (fanqie niurou mifan) :-) I spoke a little bit with the waitress, who was pleased that I could speak Chinese. (Judging from her accent, I think she's from Taiwan.) I even used fuwuyuan, maidan, and women dian cai ba just like in China. It felt so strange because I knew I was in America! But at the same time it was great. Just another reminder of my wonderful 2008. Plus, well, I like showing off, and that was a great opportunity to do so :-) Mission accomplished, I'd say, haha. Can't wait to do it again!

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Spirit FF said...

Awesome! I still remember that video of your ordering food! Cute too!