January 13, 2008

Thumb Plaza & Jing'an Temple

sunday 035
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Today's adventure: some pictures from the Thumb Plaza, down the street, where I do my shopping and mainly eat dinner. Okay, so that's not much of an adventure :-)

The real adventure, as I see it, was the Jing'an Temple, a 1700-year old Buddhist shrine. Not only that, but I managed to eat & order food at a restaurant all by myself. (Sorry, this occurrence still impresses me.) And I think the host understood me when I told him "hao chi", or "good food". :-)

Check out the flickr set here.

Tonight I think I'm gonna eat dinner at Moon River Diner @ the Thumb. The expats eat there a lot, but I haven't yet. It's western food, which, again, I'm actually trying to avoid. But I feel I should check it out at least once :-)

Oh yeah, tinyface, if you're reading this, I wore your scarf today and it kept me quite warm. Thank you very much :-)


Anonymous said...

YAY! Did you get any looks askance? Also, please disregard my email about making comments possible and try to ignore me being one of your dumber friends :-)

Mike said...

totally digging the blog. keep it up.