January 11, 2008

Bonbon at 11 AM

One of the best parts of being at Bonbon tonight was knowing that everyone in Austin was at work while I was watching DJ Marky pick up a turntable and scratch a record upside-down.

There's a coat check on the first floor of the club, and when you hand in your coat you have to write down your phone number on the ticket. I don't have mine memorized, so I just wrote down some random numbers. I assumed they only used that information if you didn't pick up your coat, so they could call you. Well apparently you have to recite the phone number back to them in order to get your coat back. Again, I just wrote down some random numbers and forgot about them. Kind of troubling :-) After attempting to explain, and having Justin tell the guy that I don't know my phone number, and handing him my credit card with "Ryan" on it (I'd also written my name on the ticket), I got my jacket back. Lucky thing too because it's barely above freezing outside. On the way out Justin informed me that the only reason I got my jacket back is because I'm white. I was like shit, I'll take that :-) But what he really meant is that I should memorize my phone number ;-)

When I got home I was investigating the built-in hangers on my balcony that you use for drying clothes. (Laundry day is tomorrow.) I noticed that the main sliding glass door was open. It's been open for over a week. No wonder my living room is so effing cold! I know nobody else opened it because I remember on move-in day that all the windows were open. I guess to get any sorts of smell or whatever out of the apartment. I must have missed closing that one, because I didn't go out on the balcony. And it wasn't a theft danger because, well, I'm on the 18th floor, and Spider-Man uses his powers for good, not evil.

So I shut the door and quickly checked all the other windows, which were closed already. Hopefully this new development will result in a warmer apartment, which is a good thing, because people have been telling me a cold front is moving in -- even though Accuweather says the high tomorrow is 52 degrees F, which seems comparable to what it's been like this week.

My quest to order a bottle of water in a restaurant continues in vain. (Yes, it's become a quest now.) Last night I ordered one, and was rewarded with three bottles of fruit juice. Well, I said to everyone, that's almost like water. And at least I got something this time. And that something was some form of liquid in a bottle. That's progress, right?

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