January 10, 2008


Shanghai seems to be overflowing with all-you-can-eat-and-drink places. At Teppanyaki, 150 kuai ($21) gets you "No limit to quantity of food serviced." Yum. And this ain't no Waffle House, neither. Hao chi jile.

The cool thing to do, as expats, is get the business card of any cool place you visit. That way you can get there again simply by showing the card to a taxi driver. Knowing this, most places I've been to have business cards sitting right out on the counter. And if you're super cool, you get six or seven cards, one for you and the others for your expat buddies so they can try the awesome place you just went to. Rob and Tony already have a collection. I'm working on mine :-)

Yesterday I confused my writers by speaking Spanish -- intentionally, this time. "Es tiempo para almuerzo!" I guess I just want to show off that I actually can learn a language. Then I said "Gesundheit" when someone sneezed, which prompted a quick lesson in German. And this is on top of the extended discussion about Hebrew I had with my manager on Tuesday.

In talking with Tim, I found out he and his wife practice a fun mixture of Spanish, Chinese, and English. I forget what the name is, but it's funny. I demonstrated: "Puedo tener mas shui, please." See, it's easy :-)

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