January 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

First off: My dad was trying to find my house on Google Earth. The coordinates of my building are:

Latitude: 31°13'43.29"N
Longitude: 121°33'0.15"E

If you look to my east, you'll see a green U-shaped field. That's the school that I live next to and pass on my way to breakfast. Which, like so many other things around here, is at the Thumb Plaza - 31°13'45.53"N, 121°33'20.27"E.

The following coordinates are of the closest metro station:

31°13'18.26"N, 121°32'17.89"E

The distance is about 15 - 20 minute walk.

The semicircular building to the west of that plaza is the museum itself. (I should really go there some day.)

The road that heads northeast from the plaza is Shiji Dadao (Century Avenue). Southeast of the Plaza is a big green expanse. This is Shiji Gongyuan - Century Park - at 31°13'1.45"N, 121°32'41.22"E.

There's no way I could visually distinguish my office area from the rest of Pudong :-) Just know that it's way the hell out there, about 20-25 minutes east of my apartment.

Photos coming in the next post.

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