April 25, 2008

We interrupt this Hangzhou broadcast for some baseball

So tomorrow I'm going to see the Beijing Tigers come play the Shanghai Eagles in some, you guessed it, baseball. I invited my Chinese co-workers to come watch, only to have some of them tell me that they have no idea what baseball's about. Understandable. So today I held a small meeting and explained the game to a couple of them. I wish I'd videoed it, because I think I did a good job. The best part came when I explained the infield fly rule :-)

Who knows if they'll show up tomorrow, but even if they don't, I know a couple expats will. I plan to take many pictures myself :-)

Re: Hangzhou: I 've been working late most nights this week so I haven't felt like posting much, especially not the long entries I know that Hanghzhou will require. But I want to document the trip in textual form, and give ya'll something to appreciate what it was like besides the pictures, so I'll probably finish it up tomorrow before the ball game, as I'm digesting fried matzah :-)

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