April 15, 2008

Beijing Rock City

So I had planned to go to Beijing next week, from April 25th - 29th, to do some sightseeing and catch Jen's play. However that plan fell through when a) Jen's show got cancelled and b) some friends invited me to the MIDI Festival. So today I switched my Capital City trip to be from 4/30 to 5/4.

I will still get to do some tourism, because we're all planning on going to the Great Wall, and honestly I don't know how many days I can sit out in the sun surrounded by sweaty rock 'n roll kids. (Lord knows how many days I've spent like that already.) So I will probably attend like 2 days, or a day and a half, of the festival and then spend the rest of the time touring or something like that.

Fun times :-)

In other news, I'm capitulating to the GOOG and have given my life mostly over to cloud computing. It's funny. I now check email via Gmail, use Google Calendar to organize my non-work life, update this here blog on Blogspot, and catch up on news 'n things via Google Reader. The only two non-GOOG webapps I use are flickr (owned by Yahoo!) and Remember the Milk (probably soon to be acquired by one of those companies). Well that's not true, I use a couple others, but those are the most prominent right now.

It's just so dang convenient.

This weekend is my trip to Hangzhou and I'm really excited :-) I leave Saturday at 8 AM and return Sunday night around 7. Expect plenty of pictures!!

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