April 20, 2008

Hangzhou: Day Zero

There's so much to describe and say about Hangzhou that I think it's going to require two separate posts. After all, I'm uploading about 200 photos to flickr for you to look at, and I have many fun stories to tell.

The short version: The trip was a rousing success. Hangzhou is beautiful, well, at least the Xihu area is. It was a welcome escape from Shanghai and it couldn't have gone better. We did so many things that my feet and legs hurt from walking. I got very little sleep, given that we got early starts on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I think I improved my Chinese by talking to so many people (including Adeline). I ate some really good food at some great restaurants, (including chicken brains, yum), including one that is over 150 years old. I didn't get much relaxing done, but there was a bit of that. But who has time to relax when you have mountains to climb?

The long version: Well, I hope to start that tomorrow with a "Hangzhou Day One" post, with illustrations via flickr. The Internet is very slow here so I started uploading Day One's pictures just now. I hope they'll be done by the time I wake up tomorrow ;-) If you wanna be ahead of the game, you can check out my photostream now. I also have a couple videos to upload.

Oh, and I didn't get my phone back :-( Gonna buy a new one tomorrow or Tuesday ... luckily I think I have all my phone numbers written down somewhere.

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