March 25, 2008

Jen's Blog

A month or so ago I got an email from a friend of mine. Her name's Jen and we've known each other since, well, since I think third grade. We all used to carpool together to Hebrew school and everything, and then she ended up going to my high school. Well it turns out that she's been living in NYC for a couple years, doing the actress thing, and is part of a production of The Sound of Music. Insanely enough they were invited to tour across Asia, so now Jen's in China getting ready to start the first performance. She's got a blog up here, and it's interesting now to see the things she writes about. Many of them are the same, but many are different, as she is here in an entirely different situation than me :-)

They will not be performing in Shanghai, which is a little surprising. But they will be spending five days in Beijing, so that's why I arranged my trip there for the end of April. I plan to catch at least one of their performances (Mei you kan guo The Sound of Music) and then spend the next couple days touring -- maybe if I'm lucky the theater company will let me on their bus, hehe.

Anyhoo go check out her blog if you're interested in a different, but still American, perspective
on this here country we're in.

Speaking of touring, this Saturday I am headed to Suzhou. I'm pretty excited for my first travel adventure within China ... and by myself no less! It will be weird to be in China but not in Shanghai ... Stay tuned for pictures, I hear it's beautiful ...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, this is the "other" Sherri. Your mom and i have communicated more on skype than the phone or in person lately! You sound like you're having an awsome time! you and jen will have totally different experiences with what you are doing. you two need to let us know how you find live over there after you've gotten together. and, like your mom, i've gotten addicted to your and jen's blogs!