March 27, 2008

A couple things

  • Fates have conspired to keep me from going to Suzhou this weekend :-( Soon, though. Soon. Meanwhile though my tutor showed me photos of her recent visit to Xitang. The place is like Venice, with canals and bridges everywhere. And it's also pretty close to Shanghai. I should go there also :-)
  • You know how when we're taking someone's picture, we say "Cheese!" to get them to smile? Well they do the same thing in China, too -- although, they say qiezi. Phonetically, I can hear the similarity between the two words. They kind of sound alike. But what does qiezi mean, you ask? Certainly not cheese.

    Eggplant. It means eggplant.

    When I heard that, I immediately started laughing like crazy. When I get back to America I'll say that when I take pictures of people.

    "Okay, three, two, one ... EGGPLANT!!!"

    Perfect :-D
  • I need a haircut. Just thought ya'll would like to know . . .

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