March 12, 2008

Fun With Words

Jin tian zai zhong wen ke ...

I learned how to say "immediately": ma shang

(third tone) meaning "horse"


shang (fourth tone) meaning, in this usage "on" (it's the same shang as in Shanghai, which means "on the sea")

Zhe ge shi hen hao wan!

Just another example of how Chinglish gets around. Speaking of which, remember kids:

Also, I have some Xujiahui pics and Century Park (Shiji Gongyuan) pics for your perusal. Flickr is being stupid though and is refusing to let me upload some pics. Boo.

The weather has been in the 20s (C) and sunny the past couple of days. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain a bit. I hope it tapers off by Saturday and Sunday because I wanna go sightseeing some more in my sweet comfortable shoes :-)

1 comment:

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