June 2, 2009

Baseball is Life, Life is Baseball

So I went to the doctor's today to get the results of my physical. Nothing was wrong, they just think everyone should have one every year or so. As we were going over my numbers, it struck me as amusing how similar the numerical analysis of peoples' health is to the numerical analysis of baseball players. You know, like, "Your LDL cholesterol is high, take some medicine" is kind of like saying "Your WHIP is too high, spend some time with the pitching coach."

We could each have trading cards with our vital stats, tracked from year to year, listed on the back. "Ooh, 2007 was a bad year for his white blood cell count, but he rebounded with a strong showing in 2008. Looks to be a lock for 9, maybe 10,000 cells per microliter in 2009 and beyond." The graph of my EKG could have been the graph of my BB/K ratio (exemplified here, for illustrative purposes only, by Barry Bonds's):

Hey, stranger things have happened.


bluegiraffe said...
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bluegiraffe said...

Glad all is well :).