May 25, 2009

Bill the Cat Arrives

Take a gander at my new cat. I adopted him today from some friends of mine; their daughter brought him back from NYC (adopted from the ASPCA) but they can't keep him, and neither can she. I've been thinking about getting a cat in my new place, and so Bill (that's his name -- I might rename him, though) packed up all his gear and moved in with me a few hours ago.

He's a year old and he's really chill. He's been meowing a lot this evening, but I think that's just because he misses his former owner(s). Hopefully he'll take a shine to me soon enough. He's pretty friendly already though :-)

Speaking of the name Bill, I'm aware that there is a much more famous Bill the Cat. This one and him are no relation though; I'm pretty sure that my friends' daughter, who named him, doesn't read Outlander (neither do I). That's part of the reason I'm thinking about a rename. I've always wanted a pet named "Osgood." Ooh, or "Hobbes!" But I'll kick it around in my head for a few weeks. Actually, now that I'm used to calling him Bill, other names seem weird. So he might not get re-named after all.

Anyway, here are some pics of the man himself:

Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat

More here.


Ilene said...

Hi Ryan,
Congratulations! Bill is beautiful (does it sound odd to say that about a guy??). Have fun getting to know each other. Can't wait to meet him. Love, a.i.

bluegiraffe said...

He's adorable, Ryan! I can't wait to meet him.