April 21, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday, Game Boy

Thanks for the memories!
Twenty years ago this week, Nintendo released the Game Boy, its first handheld video game console. Excited Japanese customers snatched up the innovative monochrome handheld by the thousands, which retailed for 12,500 yen (about $94 at 1989 rates) at launch—a small price to pay for what seemed to be an NES in your pocket. Nintendo initially offered four games for the new Game Boy: Super Mario Land, Baseball, Alleyway, and Yakuman (a mahjong game), but the number of available titles quickly grew into the hundreds. 
I feel so privileged to have grown up during these times. I see kids (mostly my cousins and -- er, dad) playing on their PSPs and think "Bah, who needs color! Back in my day ...". It's great.

I still remember the time I unsuccessfully lobbied for a Turbo Express. I was like "C'mon -- it can be my birthday present and Hanukkah present!" Unfortunately, my parents didn't bite ;-)

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