April 24, 2009

GeoCities Shuts Down; My Internet Youth Goes With It

Sad day today, as Ars reports GeoCities is shutting down:
Unsurprisingly, Geocities has declined in popularity in recent years thanks to the plethora of similar and easier-to-use services—not to mention the rise of social networks like MySpace that allow the same demographic to make equally horrific pages and try to pick each other up at the same time. Add to that the explosive popularity of various blog platforms and the suffering of the online advertising market, and it's really not a shock to see Geocities going the way of the dodo.
Gone, but not forgotten. GC4LYFE.

Also, I learned a new chinese word today: 纹身, wen2shen1, which translates literally as "line body", or more simply, "tattoo" :-)

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Richard P said...

dude, I wonder if anyone has a tattoo that says "tattoo"!