November 2, 2008

Tibet Post #6 - Top 10 Pics

I realize ya'll are busy people, so if you haven't had a chance to fully thumb through my Tibet photos, no worries. I've collected the 10 best photos here.

As always, click a pic to view larger sizes.

Norbulingka Garden

A flower garden in Norbulingka.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace at night.

Yamdrok-Tso Lake

A peaceful scene at Yamdrok-Tso lake atop Mt. Gangbala.


A flower garden at Norbulingka.

Sunset in Potala Square

A sea of clouds fills the air at sunset in Potala Square, Lhasa.

Power Lines Draped in Prayer Flags

A power line draped with prayer flags and scarves.

Mount Everest Base Camp

The four of us at Mount Everest Base Camp, 17,000 feet up.

Mount Everest Base Camp

The tallest mountain in the world.

People Praying Outside the Jokhor Temple

People praying outside the Jokhor Temple in Lhasa.

Potala Palace

Lhasa as seen from the exit of the Potala Palace.


emily said...

Wow. You are an amazing photographer!

Ayse Iyriboz said...

Ry ry, you are so cool! That looks so aaaaamazing! I will soon brave the zillion picture link.

tim said...

I'm jealous you got the night shot at Potala - that's one I missed. And the snow scene at the lake is a very nice one. Well done.

jactressk said...

omg those are AMAZING photos!

Bob London said...

Just beautiful and transporting, everyone one of them.