November 1, 2008

Setting a Bad Example

In the US, I try really hard to not eat fast food. It's junky, unhealthy, and doesn't support the local economy. However, in China, I have occasionally had moments of weakness where nothing will do but KFC. Hey, it happens to the best of us. 

So you know how in the US, when you run across a Chinese restaurant in the US and see tons of Chinese people eating there, you think "hey, this place must be good!" I'm afraid that Chinese people who see me in KFC, waiting in line to order 一号餐 (橙汁,薯条), think the same thing. So I feel guilty that I'm accidentally encouraging them to eat KFC. 

Not that KFC needs my help. After all, most times when I go in, the place is packed to the rafters. KFC was the first Western restaurant to establish a foothold in (mainland) China, way back in 1987, and they have done a great job localizing itself to Chinese tastes. As a result, KFC (Kendeji) is uber-popular and has about twice as many locations as McD's (Mai Dang Lao).

Still, though.

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