November 26, 2007

The Secret of NiMH

That's why my digital camera can only take like 10 pictures with "regular" AA batteries. You're supposed to use these fancy-pants "NiMH" ones. Not even the extra-awesome nickel-cadmium batteries they sell on top of the Jin Mao tower will last as long.

(I really thought it was a problem with my camera.)

But the bigger problem was that I forgot my charger. Won't make that mistake again. Plus I bought 4 more higher-capacity batteries so I can always have fresh ones at my disposal.

But really, I just wanted to make this post because I thought of that subject line, and I think it's hilarious. Funnily enough, that movie is sitting downstairs next to the DVD player.

Today's vaccines (Typhoid begone!) were both intramuscular, so I'll be feeling them for a couple days. I really want to put little page-flags on my arm at the injection sites and write labels denoting which vaccines went where, so I can roll up my sleeves and become a museum exhibit. I've also begun packing.

On the right side of this blog, you'll now see a display of the local weather and a slideshow of pictures in my photo album. You can move your mouse over the slideshow and rewind, pause, or advance the show. AJAX for all!


Bob London is... said...

Just catching up on my BRiLC reading. I kept seeing the title of this post and all I could think about was "not in my house," a close cousin of "NIMBY/not in my back yard," which usually refers to communities that don't want things like nuclear waste dumps, landfills and prisons built near their homes.

Ryan said...

Well, I certainly don't want NiMH IMBY :-)