November 21, 2007

Hey Kids, it's the Immunoglobulin Show!!!

Starring your favorite pals:

With special guests:
And everybody's favorite: E. coli!

But the best part about the travel clinic today was when the doctor said this to me:
I've never given this vaccine before, so I'm not sure how much it hurts. You'll have to tell me, so I can warn other people if it's extremely painful.
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in a medical office before. I love being the guinea pig for these sorts of things. Luckily, the shot wasn't painful at all. (I showed her my two remaining ear piercings as proof of my high tolerance for needle pain.) The worst part was having to wait around for 30 minutes afterwards in case I had any adverse reactions.

It was also fun trying to determine whether Shanghai was in a malarial zone. That one stumped us for a couple minutes, because the map she had listed provinces, not cities. Luckily I remembered that Shanghai is administratively equal to a province, and sure enough, it was number 12 on the list of "provinces." And not in a malarial zone. Woohoo!!

Still though, I'm gonna have to get some bug spray like my man Joba Chamberlain.

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