August 9, 2009

Pets in the Heat

I never used to pay attention to this sort of thing ... but I stopped off at HEB today, the Hancock center one, and right next to it is a Petco. As I walked down the sidewalk into HEB, I saw a large cage out front of Petco with like six or seven dogs & cats passed out in it. The cage was under a tent (so, marginally in the shade) and it was apparent that they animals had been sprayed with water at some point, but, c'mon -- it's over 100 degrees out today!! The animals were not even remotely moving. The whole scene made me really sad.

A sign out front said they were collecting donations for food for the pets ... maybe they were some sort of charity? I wasn't really sure and I didn't ask. I was appalled that in this day and age someone would subject animals to this sort of treatment. I stood out front there debating whether to go talk to them ... but I'm pretty non-confrontational ... so I didn't say anything.

If I see that again (and that's likely, given that I do most of my grocery shopping there) I will definitely inquire as to what is going on. I'm not the smartest person alive, but even I know that in this heat it's best to minimize your time outside ...

In other news, Bill is doing just fine.

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