July 12, 2009

Back in Austin / NYC Pics

Just a small sampling of the flood of NYC pics that I took ... stay tuned to that link as I upload more over the next week. I'll be posting a couple more each day.

As always, click a picture to go to its page & browse related photos.

Manhattan Bridge + Manhattan

The Manhattan Bridge that connects Brooklyn to, um, Malnhattan across the East River :-) Bklyn is on the right. Notice the wedding photos going on!


Central Park.

96th Street Subway Mosaic

Subway tile mosaic at the 96th street stop. All the stops have signs like these.
Mom & Dad Just Outside the Guggenheim

My parents came to visit me at the Guggenheim :-)

Manhattan Skyline View from the Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan skyline as seen from walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. The tallest building, in the center, is the Empire State Building. The second-tallest one (off to the right of the frame) is the Chrysler Building.

Suzan & Choyce on the Scrambler

My friends Suzan and Choyce were in the car ahead of us on The Scrambler @ Coney Island. Because they were moving at the same speed we were relative to the "background", I could steady the camera and take this picture quite easily.

More. Again, I'll be uploading more here throughout the week!

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