May 15, 2008

Beijing: Final Post

Four videos from Beijing that I just finished uploading:

Impromptu choir at the Temple of Heaven:

View from the Great Wall:

Taking the zip line down:

Me eating fried scorpions:

All that, plus more Beijing photos.

My late-night snack:

Hao Chi!

Ten points if you can identify every organism in this picture:

Hao Chi!

Pics from around the 798 Art District area:

798 Art District

798 Art District

798 Art District

798 Art District

798 Art District

Olympic buildings:

The Bird's Nest

Water Cube & Bird's Nest

All the rest are now uploaded at Beijing 2008.


Johanna said...

Those scorpions aren't fried enough! I can still tell what they are : >

jactressk said...

OMG boy, we don't need to see the videos of you eating all of those nasty things! ew.....

have you tried entrails? ewness...

i hope we get to somewhere near beijing. is tianjin (sp) near beijing or shanghai? i can't remember. i hope we go somewhere near you, but no eating nasty things near me, not if you want me awake and breathing for the time we are hanging out...

Jonesjvjz said...

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